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project overview

::the matrix project:: is envisioned as a modern-day realization of Shadowrun's Matrix environment. It is being developed as both a stand-alone Java program and (later) a Java applet for use via this web site.

site overview

This site features four sections and the main "splash" page. Each of the four sections is detailed below:


::the matrix project:: itself. When the actual program is in a presentable state, it will be accessible through this section. Character generation tools will also be placed here.


Development notes, sketches, and ideas for future projects will be featured in this section.


Selected source code may eventually appear here. Don't hold your breath, though.


Manuals, a set of frequently asked questions, and other assorted general information resources can be found in this section.

::the manuals::

::the matrix project::


::character generator::


::cyberdeck generator::


::frequently asked questions::

what is taking you so long?


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