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::the matrix project::

an introduction

When completed, ::the matrix project:: will be an un-official, modern-day realization of Shadowrun's Matrix environment. It is being developed as both a stand-alone Java program and (later) a Java applet for use via this web site. If this is your first visit to ::tmp::, I highly recommend reading through the material in man.


I really enjoy playing Shadowrun, and I find myself especially interested in the Decker character archetype. However, the given game rules for decking are rather labor-intensive -- even the latest rules for decking in the Third Edition. Thus, even though deckers may be some of the most interesting characters around, they often become dead weight in the game. What I aim to do with ::the matrix project:: is create a graphical user interface into the Matrix environment that can be used in real-time while running the shadows. By doing this, perhaps deckers can become less marginalized as an archtetype and enjoy more use in the Sixth World.

::latest news::

July 29, 2002

More work on the web site. No work on the code. I know: my bad. Cope.

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