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You have found your way to the flieghund.com home page. flieghund.com is a resource for "pen-and-paper" role-playing games (RPGs). It features original content for third-party games as well as all-original, home-spun games of my own creation. Welcome, and make yourself at home!

What's inside

Resources for five games can be found at flieghund.com. ::tmp:: and Dark-Light are resources for the third-party games Shadowrun and In Nomine, respectively, while Carnage, TMCRPGE, and America 2087 are each original games created by the author.


One of the integral features of Shadowrun is the global virtual-reality information system known as the Matrix. ::tmp:: aims to create a Java-based web interface into the Matrix, allowing Shadowrun players to better utilize Deckers during game play by actually giving Decker characters something to do.


A few random resources for players of In Nomine. Not much here other than pretty graphics, though I hope to change this in the future... Also included in here are non-RPG links to angelic and infernal resources on the web.


This is a fast-paced fighting game that uses a deck of ordinary playing cards instead of dice. Carnage also forms the core of an expandable game system that features modules designed for fantasy adventures, modern warfare, and cyberpunk environments.


Dubbed "The Most Complicated Role-Playing Game Ever" for a reason, TMCRPGE attempts to live up to its moniker by including everything and the kitchen sink! Be forwarned that this is really more of a "proof-of-concept" taken ad absurdum than an actually playable game. That being said, there is quite a bit of good background material fleshing out its world.

America 2087

Set more than 80 years in the future and a few decades after waves of disasters wrought both by humans and Mother Nature herself, America 2087 focuses on the adventures of courriers, long-haulers, defenders and bandits living in a post-apocalyptic North American continent.

About the author

I'll flesh this out some more later, but for now you can check out my personal and professional web sites.

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